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GB-201410350-D0: Asynchronous resource usage collection and control of fenced user code patent, GB-201410793-D0: Steering wheel patent, GB-201412272-D0: Safety joint device patent, GB-201412712-D0: Battery tray retaining system patent, GB-201412970-D0: Camera system for hazardous environments patent, GB-201414507-D0: Multi-dimensional input mechanism patent, GB-201415013-D0: Security coding, distribution and reproduction of copyright protected 'digitized media' patent, GB-201415482-D0: Key module patent, GB-201415633-D0: Anti electric shock fire nozzle patent, GB-201415938-D0: Distributed Identity Validation Method System And Computer Program patent, GB-201416830-D0: Valve protection system patent, GB-201417713-D0: Cut-out assembly patent, GB-201418170-D0: Use of cannabidiol in the treatment of intractable epilepsy patent, GB-201419010-D0: Energy by mass release & retrieval patent, GB-201420181-D0: Mop material, a mop pad, a mop, and a method of manufacturing mop material patent, GB-201420208-D0: Barrier patent, GB-201420573-D0: Hydroelectric power system patent, GB-201420878-D0: A compact multiband circular-polarization cross-dipole antenna patent, GB-201420918-D0: Cleaning robot patent, GB-201421059-D0: Displaying an application in the graphical user interface of a computer display patent, GB-201421945-D0: Beverage mass and a method for the manufacture thereof patent, GB-201500369-D0: Pipette tip, pipette, apparatus and kit for light measurement patent, GB-201500625-D0: Adapter for a centrifuge vessel patent, GB-201501273-D0: Plastic spider smartphone app and card game patent, CN-102975926-A: Packing case convenient to transport in stairs patent, GB-201501326-D0: Apparatus and method for use in a process analytical technology system patent, GB-201502737-D0: Pivotable cover patent, GB-201502990-D0: Designer ceiling tile patent, GB-201503861-D0: Method and apparatus for optical sensing patent, GB-201503992-D0: A charge controller patent, GB-201504225-D0: A spool assembly patent, GB-201504853-D0: Dispensing apparatus patent, GB-201505649-D0: Bag for bulk material patent, GB-201505653-D0: A nickel-based alloy patent, GB-201506712-D0: A light fitting patent, GB-201506759-D0: An optical device patent, GB-201507272-D0: Magnetic microfibre cloth patent, GB-201507352-D0: Improvements in vehicle speed control patent, GB-201507679-D0: Improved vessel patent, GB-201507830-D0: Dynamic Measurement of density using terahertz radiation with real-time thickness measurement for process control patent, GB-201509104-D0: Batterys patent, GB-201509286-D0: Manufacture of snack foods patent, GB-201509382-D0: Phone app hydrometer patent, GB-201510095-D0: Image display system patent, GB-201510650-D0: Milling cutter having undulating chip breaker patent, GB-201511306-D0: Zero gas emission continuous steelmaking process patent, GB-201512271-D0: Emergency tower crane operator escape system patent, GB-201512799-D0: Animal microchip patent, GB-201514775-D0: Induction charging leash and induction outdoor charging attachment leash with dog collar, GPS tracker and auxilliary solar charging patent, GB-201514829-D0: Symbiotic radar and communication system patent, GB-201515707-D0: Modifying aerodynamic performance of a vehicle patent, GB-201516168-D0: Theta converter patent, GB-201517095-D0: Privacy mask processing method patent, GB-201517186-D0: Improvements in or relating to slide valves patent, GB-201517684-D0: Meccano patent, GB-201517922-D0: Lamination technique for producing electronic devices patent, GB-201518801-D0: The atmospherics assimilater patent, GB-201518900-D0: Bed level maintenance in sediment-floored water areas using autonomous underwater vehicle technology patent, GB-201519026-D0: Thermal shielding in a gas turbine patent, GB-201519222-D0: Improvements in or relating to tool blades and their manufacture patent, GB-201519801-D0: Pass fail sentencing of hollow components patent, GB-201520707-D0: Counter rotating gravity wheel patent, GB-201522208-D0: Ultra lateral extra 3 patent, GB-201522549-D0: Roller table apparatus patent, GB-201522641-D0: Multiple bag apparatus patent, GB-201522724-D0: Improvements to vehicle handling patent, GB-201600044-D0: Graduated compression stocking system to facilitate application and removal patent, GB-201601565-D0: Lll app patent, GB-201602043-D0: Volume control system for hermetic containers and/or cases intended to protect electrical and/or electronic devices patent, GB-201602164-D0: Polishing apparatus patent, GB-201602197-D0: Therapeutic and diagnostic target patent, GB-201602202-D0: Inertial measurement unit patent, GB-201608158-D0: Safety Light patent, GB-201608250-D0: Shirtless collar band patent, GB-201608442-D0: Pile croppers and methods of cutting piles patent, GB-201609188-D0: Absorbent article having fully encircling bodyside and garment-side waistband patent, GB-201609713-D0: Lubricant composition patent, GB-201610454-D0: Methods for making an object and formulations for use in said methods patent, GB-201611579-D0: Method patent, GB-201612071-D0: Surface cleaning apparatus patent, GB-201613284-D0: Screens/ball bearings/horseshoes/spikes athletic trainers/keys/coins/medals/zips/lenses patent, GB-201614047-D0: Prioritizing data reconstruction in distributed storage systems patent, GB-201614277-D0: Electronic dictionary patent, GB-201615060-D0: Electrical energy conversion patent, GB-201615156-D0: Cracker patent, GB-201615834-D0: A steel, a welding consumable, a cast, forged or wrought product, a method of welding, a product and a method of heat treating patent, GB-201616362-D0: Combat sport glove patent, GB-201616994-D0: Stack of folded wipes patent, GB-201617009-D0: Frontend integration of electronics and photonics patent, GB-201617148-D0: Graphene coating of a product patent, GB-201617389-D0: Dexterity assessment patent, GB-201617602-D0: Method and apparatus for providing dynamic content associated with a document patent, GB-201618287-D0: Offshore gnss reference station apparatus, offshore gnss positioning system and method of generating positioning reference data offshore patent, GB-201619928-D0: Sheet toy building blocks base patent, GB-201620329-D0: Determining a characteristic of an inertial contribution to an electric power grid patent, GB-201620432-D0: Improvements relating to stunning aquatic animals in water patent, GB-201621059-D0: Positioning Unit patent, GB-201621078-D0: A Humidifier patent, GB-201621451-D0: Motion-compensated partitioning patent, GB-201622197-D0: Antibodies patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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